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Marriage and planetary positions

Mars makes this Dosha. At the point when Mars takes the situation in first, second, fourth, seventh, eighth and twelfth house, it can cause Manglik dosha. So horoscope of both the kid and young lady ought to be coordinated before marriage as indicated by this planet. So its job is essential in regards to conjugal Bliss. VENUS is the most important planet in the marriage event , its denotes the wife of a person. Venus-the planet of magnificence and the exemplification of affection, is the most splendid planet or heavenly article noticeable to the exposed human eyes in the sky.

It is the second closest planet to the Sun after Mercury. In Shastras, it is said to be the preceptor of the Daityas and the Guru of the Rakshasas.

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It is likewise the ace of Yoga and the person who knows the Sanjeevani Mantra an equation that can be utilized to resuscitate the dead. It gets lifted up in Pisces and is weakened in the indication of Virgo. Libra is his Moolatrikona sthana and Taurus is his Swakshetra or possess House.

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  6. Venus is considered as the planet that causes us present a refined and increasingly alluring side of our self to the outer world. In Astrology, it is held as the second most propitious planet after Jupiter. It is accepted to be constantly honorable and kind to the living creatures in the Universe. In its different appearances, Venus empowers us to acknowledge magnificence and everything that is awesome in the formation of God.

    Venus likewise motivates us to begin spreading love, and in the end influences us to understand that no power in this world can be as solid as affection. Additionally, it makes us fit for retaining the joy around us.

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    Love, love, warmth, benevolence, getting, affection and such properties or sentiments are related with Venus. It is the common signifier of connections and the cherishing bonds between people. It, in this way, represents all issues of the heart, for example, love. In this way, it always reminds the world that we as a whole are results of adoration and fondness, and that intimate romance is the thing that ties individuals. Venus-the ambassador — demonstrates the manner in which we carry on with individuals, by and large, our consideration, tact, habits, amiability, behaviors, politeness and our introduction abilities.

    Its hold of karmic assets that will be utilized while playing out its appropriately dedicated obligations towards its different perfect partners. Along these lines, Jupiter implies wedded life. In any case, we have to comprehend that the above set-up depends on the motivation of the spirit at Karan Sharira level Causative plane. The embodied soul, Jeevatma works through Mind and body.

    In this manner, what is meant by the jupiter will get changed with Ascendant and Moon. Maya, the power of fascination for reproduction assumes predominant job in transit the jeevatma works. This power of Maya is spoken to by Venus in the horoscope. In this manner, travel of jupiter will give results as it crosses over places of horoscope, essential for marriage.

    Moon is related with the usefulness of brain.